Svona býrðu til blómakrans í 5 skrefum

Flower crowns are a breathtaking addition to any look, whether you’re headed down the aisle or to Coachella. Read on to learn how to make a flower crown yourself in our complete step-by-step guide. But first things first: let’s talk about what flowers to use in your flower crown.

When it comes to making your own flower crown, not all flowers are created equally. You want to look for small filler flowers because these smaller blooms will fill in gaps between your focal flowers. Yarrow, ranunculus, spray roses, baby’s breath, or wax flowers are all solid choices.

Pair the filler flowers with your choice of greenery. We love eucalyptus because it’s soft and flexible and gives your flower crown an ethereal look. Sturdier alternatives like olive branches and Italian ruscus also work well.

For an even bolder flower crown, you can incorporate larger, centerstage focal flowers like garden roses, peonies, anemones, or orchids.

Now that you know what flowers to use, let’s dive into how to make a flower crown.

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